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When is it OK to Move On? Making the Decision to End Your Relationship


It’s hard to know when to break up with someone. It’s hard to know whether your relationship is in a "rough patch". It’s hard to know when to walk away and to feel confident in that decision.

But fear not, I’m here to break it all down for you and help you make a decision that’s best for you in the long run. 


Presenter: Brian Burns, LMFT, Burns Family Consulting

Date: February 28, 2023 from 11:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Virtual meeting held online. The meeting link will be sent to your email 24 hours prior to the event.
Cost: $25 suggested donation (Scholarships are available, please contact to register for a scholarship, ALL are welcome!)

February 28th, 2023 - When is it OK to Move On?

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