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Your trusted non-profit resource for education and empowerment before, during, and after divorce.

You’re Getting a Divorce...

What should you do first? How will you get through this? Attend Daisy Camp Events. Leave your tent at home.  There are no sleeping bags, campfires or mosquitoes at Daisy Camp.  Instead, enjoy one-of-a-kind retreats and workshops full of support and education. You will be empowered by others on the various aspects of divorce

Daisy Camp, a non-profit organization, helps women facing divorce by: 
- Providing reliable financial, legal, and practical information from some of the leading professionals in our community.    
- Creating a safe and confidential environment where women can step away from their busy lives & reflect on the next steps in their journey.   
- Developing a community of women who help each other find strength, inspiration, and even fun, during difficult times.   
- Making generous scholarships available to assist woman enrolling into a Daisy Camp retreat or workshop.

            Our workshops will be held virtually until further notice. We are hopeful to return to some                           in-person events in 2024. Stay safe and be well. 

Attend Daisy Camp Divorce Events & Workshops

Our 18th

    Upcoming Events... Scholarships Available!


"I LOVE the ability to view these presentations remotely. Helps me feel empowered. Questions were answered. Common sense explanations with examples that followed. Chad covered the important information I needed but I am glad I have copies of the presentation to keep as references. The presentations and their announcements are concise, inclusive and easy to understand. Again I appreciate the ability to watch these in the comfort of my home. Thank you. This isn't the only one I plan on attending." 

- 2021 Daisy Camp Graduate


"Amy presented a lot of information in a very organized, pointed way. She welcomed questions and responded with clear guidance with no judgment. It was a very welcoming environment to ask and share. I'm glad to have found a single-stop resource to learn and gain insight and confidence while navigating a divorce."

- 2021 Daisy Camp Graduate


"Thank you so much. Honestly, I wasn't sure where to start, so this really helps. Plus the willingness of both Ron and Amy to meet for a complimentary session to discuss options is truly amazing. The explanation of the mediator/lawyer/bundling options and the realization that there's a way to record and 'weight' different financial assets, liabilities, and options. Plus the very calm way everything was explained so it all suddenly seems more doable. Before I wasn't sure where to start. Feeling grateful to both, and to Daisy Camp!" 

- 2021 Daisy Camp Graduate


"Daisy Camp is a great resource. I appreciate the practical information coming from a professional with decades of experience."

- 2021 Daisy Camp Graduate


I'm very grateful that Daisy Camp is there. Having knowledge calmly delivered helps alleviate stress! Mostly, it's just comforting to have a roadmap and options (as opposed to just hearing horror stories or 'see a lawyer').

- 2021 Daisy Camp Graduate


"I walked out feeling powerful and armed with knowledge in all the areas I was looking for. It was wonderful to meet and hear the speakers who seems genuine about wanting to help. They are great resources to have. Being surrounded by women going through the same thing in invaluable. The camp was incredible - I almost want to do it again! Thank you for the scholarship - it was the first time I was receiving rather than giving."

-Daisy Camp Graduate


“The service you provide is invaluable. The information, resources and connections you provided will help me navigate waters previously too unknown to charter. Your camp gives me hope in a bleak time. Thank you for the wonderful service, hope, inspiration you and your camp provide.”
-Diana, Daisy Camp Graduate
“It was powerful to sit among fellow campers and learn we are not in this alone. There is hope, and a process that will help us to reach our goals. My hope is that with the resources, help, guidance and companionship from Daisy Camp, there will be a rainbow on the other side of this awful journey. Daisy Camp provided me with insight, direction and hope, to try to see a way possible through waters that previously were too unknown to charter. Knowing I am not in this alone provides strength in a daunting situation.”
- Daisy Camp Graduate

"I wanted to let you know what you do is important. I was at the lowest point in my life in 2007, after a 22 year marriage to my high school sweetheart and two kids, he left me for a women 15 years younger than me. I was devastated and had no idea what to do. That’s when I came across Daisy Camp. I attended the Saturday all day session and the most important thing I took away from it was the fact that I wasn't alone and other women were going through something similar. I received a lot of information that day and received some great advice that helped me navigate the legal process as well as give me the strength to get up every morning and “fight back for my life.” Thank you for having the courage to start a resource like Daisy Camp to help other women!"

- Karen, Daisy Camp graduate

"On the way home from Camp, I was picturing the speakers as a whole group of cheerleaders I had in my background, encouraging me with their particular gift, cheering me on!"

- Jan, Daisy Camp Graduate

"I was a scared Daisy Camper...sad, broken, and depressed. The two day retreat gave me the information, the power, and the confidence to move forward. I am now a happy, remarried woman who facilitates divorce support groups for women and ...writes a blog for women fallen by divorce. I always tell them that Daisy Camp not only changed my life, but it SAVED my life! I HIGHLY recommend Daisy Camp for those of you who are scared, sad, broken, and/or depressed, beginning your divorce journey."

- Deb, Daisy Camp Graduate


Daisy Camp is a featured author on the Collaborative Divorce Options Blog:

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