Throughout the year, Daisy Camp hosts a series of events, from one-day seminars to evening & lunchtime workshops. Scholarships and reduced fees are available for all of these programs. Daisy Camp provides reliable and helpful information, presented by top lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents, psychologists, and counselors. Here are just a few topics covered at Daisy Camp:

Legal 101 and Beyond…

Understanding your legal options in planning your new life.

Charting Your Course

What’s mine? What’s his? Spousal Maintenance? Who decides?

Do I have my own credit? Can I qualify for a mortgage?

ABCs of Real Estate

Do we sell in this market? Can I buy something else?


Daisy Camp programs provide reliable and helpful information, presented by top lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents, psychologists, and counselors.



Ron Ousky, Collaborative Attorney & Mediator       
Ron has worked in family law since his graduation from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1982. Since that time, Ron has become recognized as an international leader in developing innovative ways to help family law clients. He is a recent past president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and a cofounder of the Collaborative Alliance Executive Suites. In 2006, Ron co-authored the ground-breaking book, The Collaborative Way to Divorce: The Revolutionary Method that Results in Less Stress, Lower Costs and Happier Kids, Without Going to Court, with Stu Webb, the founder of Collaborative Law. The book has been published by Hudson Street Press and has been distributed all over the world to help divorcing families. Ron has handled thousands of family law cases, including hundreds of cases in each of the following areas: traditional negotiation; mediation; Collaborative Law; and litigation. Ron has limited his practice to resolving family law cases out of court since 2003. Ron believes that the choices people make during their divorce can have an impact on their lives, and the lives of their children, for many years. He is dedicated to helping clients make choices that will allow them to achieve their highest goals.  


Amy Wolff, CFP®, CDFA® Financial Advisor
Amy is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) practitioner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®). She has 25 years of experience in financial services. Providing tailored, independent financial planning and investment management, with a special focus on the financial aspects of women and divorce, Amy has carved a niche in an industry that is as much about achieving dreams as about financial security. As a passionate advocate of the collaborative process for families going through divorce, Amy has served as the financial neutral on over 600 collaborative and mediation divorce cases. In this role, she helps families re-frame their finances in a manner that supports the goals of the family, working closely with family law attorneys, child specialists and divorce coaches. She also often works with one party to help educate them on financial issues and evaluate settlement options, so they can make informed decisions at this critical time in their lives. Amy is co-founder of Collaborative Alliance Inc., an Edina-based Executive Suites, which provides an environment for independent professionals to foster the growth of collaboration through shared resources, ideas and energy.  


Deborah Clemmensen, Licensed Child Psychologist, Neutral Child & Family Specialist
Deborah has been providing Neutral Child Specialist services in family law, especially Collaborative practice, for the past eleven years. After her doctoral internship in 1976, she worked for several years as a school psychologist before developing a practice specializing in child, adolescent and family therapy at Psychology Network and Washburn Center for Children. Using creative, effective techniques to help kids articulate their thoughts, wishes and hopes for the future of their changing family, she provides support and focus on their needs during a critical time in their lives. With her background in child development, temperament and personality, Deb helps parents create thoughtful, developmentally responsive parenting plans focused on the unique needs of each family. Deb was the first child psychologist in Minnesota and one of the first in the nation to become a Neutral Child Specialist in Collaborative practice. The phrase she coined, Children Belong in the Center and Out of the Middle, is a guiding principle for her child-inclusive work with families going through a break-up or divorce (or as some kids like to say, getting unmarried). For over three decades, she has been a supervisor, trainer, presenter and media consultant for local, state and national audiences on a range of children’s mental health and Collaborative practice issues. As a Collaborative professional, she is on the Board of the Collaborative Law Institute, has served as CLI co-president and is a member or co-chair of numerous committees.  


Kellie McConahay, Collaborative Family Law Attorney                         

Kellie founded McConahay Law Firm to offer productive solutions to people with disputes after more than 10 years of experience handling a wide range of litigation for businesses and individuals. Kellie offers an alternative, collaborative approach to clients who want to resolve disputes without going to court.


Andy Baer, REALTOR®
Andy has built his reputation by working tirelessly to make buying and selling a rewarding and positive experience for his clients. He is a full service real estate professional offering more services than just helping you buy or sell a home. A total commitment to customer service and prompt communication with clients is his philosophy. Andy prides himself in his responsive service and professional service, while striving to meet the specific needs of each client. He will lend knowledge of the market to help clients make informed decisions. And provide sound advice to guide them through the transaction. He will listen, inform, and work to develop open lines of communication throughout the transaction. Andy has received several honors for his work, including: "Super Real Estate Agent" Mpls/St. Paul Magazine since 2007,  Edina Realty President’s Circle, Edina Realty Master’s Circle, Member of the Exceptional Property group.  


Randi Livon, Mortgage Banker
Mortgage services with Alerus Mortgage.  Randi specializes in assisting clients who are going through divorce navigate the challenges of home financing, be it refinancing or purchasing their home.


Chad Olson, CFP®, CDFA® Financial Advisor

Chad is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) practitioner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA ® ). He has 11 years of experience in financial services. He has a core focus as a neutral in collaborative divorce proceedings or mediation. His proven skills for being creative and bringing people together help clients find common financial ground in any circumstance.

Rachel Livingston, MA, LMFT

Rachel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy. She is also a qualified neutral under Rule 114 on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Neutrals: Mediator, Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditor. Rachel founded RELATIONshift on the commitment of helping individuals, couples and families before, during and after divorce. Rachel offers years of professional and personal experience, knowledge, encouragement and understanding to help her clients with the challenges and changes that separation and divorce bring to a family. As a Mediator and Collaborative Family Specialist, she helps parents discuss and create well thought-out parenting plans during their divorce process. Her parenting plan process will allow you to reach parenting plan decisions on your own AND set the foundation for the future that you and your children desire and deserve. Post-divorce, Rachel provides divorce coaching and mediation support to individuals and co-parents who need or want additional help with on-going parenting plan disputes and other issues that keep families from moving forward in healthy ways: significant others, blended families, and on-going emotional triggers like infidelity or addiction. RELATIONshift also offers a number of support groups for parents who want to connect with others who are facing similar challenges and experiences before, during and following a divorce.

Josh Rampi, LMFT

As a Family Specialist, Josh helps guide couples through the process by helping them get the most value out of the professionals they work with. He also help couples address the underlying emotional or psychological issues which will help them achieve a deeper resolution and long term success. Josh assists couples by developing effective communication skills and techniques to reduce anxiety so they can express creative solutions and make informed decisions about their future. As a Family Specialist, Josh supports couples in the drafting of future orientated parenting and communication plans. As a Family Specialist, Josh assists the children and their families in addressing the needs that arise as the family restructures from a family living in one home to a family living in two homes. He meet with parents to obtain developmental information, identify family strengths and set goals for the children's needs in the process. Josh meets with the children to assess their hopes and needs for the future. As a Family Specialist Josh helps parents create a future orientated parenting plan. Together, they develop detailed plans for child transitions, on-duty and off-duty parenting time, parenting philosophies and much more.

Angela Heart, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator

Angela created Heart Law to help people manage the divorce process in way that reduces stress and conflict by using a cost-effective and problem-solving approach that puts the interests of families first while the courtroom battle is avoided.  Angela understands the relationship, financial and parenting issues that are involved with divorce and will empower parties to get through the process in a dignified, respectful and private manner.  Angela helps her clients to heal by focusing on the future instead of on past grievances and blame.


Anna Hagstrom, Attorney and Mediator:

Anna is a trusted provider of divorce and mediation services in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin. Focusing on those whose goal is to stay out of court, she helps clients achieve peaceful, lasting and cost-effective resolutions that align with their goals, and are in the best interest of their family. Clients choose Anna for her expertise, compassion, and personalized service. Anna's mission is to create peaceful, collaborative resolutions by compassionately guiding her clients through major life events.

Deb Stang, Daisy Camp Graduate

Deb Stang is an inspiring Daisy Camp Graduate who shares about her journey through divorce, darkness, and finding happiness again. She happily boasts that Daisy Camp not only changed her life, but it SAVED her life! She dedicates her time paying it forward to other women struggling to navigate the trenches of divorce.

Madame Dawn 
Madame Dawn (Dawn Gabriele) has been working the "white light district" for over 30 years. Using a variety of esoteric spiritual tools, she guides her guests through a journey of self-discovery & illumination.  

Jan Lowe, QRC
Jan Lowe earned her Baccalaureate Degree, BME (Music Education) from the University of Nebraska — Lincoln in 1968. She was later awarded a MS in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from St. Cloud State University in 1973. She is a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Shasha Porter, Art Therapist & Author
Shasha Porter is an Art Therapist and author of Take My Hand: Twelve Stories of Dissolution and Healing.   

Keeping the Children in the Center, not the Middle

What about custody, visitation, and support?

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