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Daisy Camp continues to build its vision through the strength of numerous volunteers, including the Daisy Camp Visionary Board and Administrators. None of the Daisy Camp presenters are paid to speak at Daisy Camp and all of the presenters are asked to contribute money or other gifts to help keep Daisy Camp affordable for as many women as possible.


In addition, numerous “Daisies” (past Daisy Camp graduates) have volunteered their time to help promote and operate Daisy Camp. Without these generous contributions of time and talent, Daisy Camp could not function.


If you are interested in offering a donation to Daisy Camp, please complete the Donation Form. Your Donation will provide scholarship funding for women to attend our educational retreats and workshops. You can also make a donation online at







If you would like to be a professional sponsor of Daisy Camp and have your company information on the Daisy Camp website, please complete the Sponsorship Form.


Daisy Camp is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible. Daisy Camp is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization established in 2011 under the laws of the State of Minnesota and operated in conformance with Section 501 (c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code as a public charity. 


Thank you to those who have provided monetary donations to support Daisy Camp. This helps us to provide scholarships for women to attend our educational events.



Visionary Scholarship Donors: $1000+

Amy and Deon Wolff

Ronald and Marlys Ousky

Luther I. Replogle Foundation


Leader Scholarship Donors: $500 - $999

Andy Baer

Anita Prosser

Kellie McConahay

Jolene Baker Vicchiollo


Partner Scholarship Donors: $250 - $499

 Kristin Alinder 

Martha Spriggs

Mitch J. Thompson

Friend Scholarship Donors: $25 - $249

Barbara Nelson

Deb Stang

Diane Cowdery

Donna Bennett

Dawn Gabriele

Ellen Nelson

Jan Aleshire

Janis Borchers

Kate Jackson

Kathryn Kendall

Linda Wray

Marjie Blevins

Mitch & Jillian Odell

Noreen Fisher

Randi Livon

Shawn Larson


Supporters of Daisy Camp:

Thank you to the individuals and business who

refer Daisy Camp to clients, family & friends!

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