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Ultimate Financial Guide to Thrive After Divorce by Amy Jensen Wolff, Daisy Camp presenter. Available on Amazon. 


Your divorce is over. It's time to start sorting through all the things you need to do, to get your financial life in order: re-register your investment accounts, change your name on your legal documents, get a cash flow plan, update your estate planning, plan for your tax changes... This is a comprehensive guide that will provide direction to you, as you move into this phase of your life.

The Collaborative Way to Divorce: by Stuart Webb & Ronald Ousky, Daisy Camp presenter. Available on Amazon.


Stressing cooperation over confrontation and resolution over revenge, Collaborative divorce is an approach that is transforming how couples divide their assets and reinvent their post-divorce relationships, particularly when they share custody of children. Collaborative divorce is generally less expensive and quicker than litigation, gives the couple greater control over the outcome of their divorce, and keeps children out of the controversy.

Broken Circle: Children of Divorce and Separation by Karen Klein. Available on Amazon.


Broken Circle is a collection of photographs and statements from young adults, 18 to 25, who answered my questions: “How are you impacted by your parents’ divorce? How does it affect your perceptions, plans, goals, hopes, and aspirations regarding relationships, commitments, and thinking about your own future marriage and children?” And often the participants commented, “no one has ever asked me.” Given the opportunity, this population has poignant, often painful and illuminating observations to share: personal life experience that may help others.

You Are! Big Affirmations for Little Ones by Tammy Colassaco & Kay Hilde. Available on Amazon.


This colorful, fun and interactive book was designed to provide inspirational one-on-one time with the little ones in your life as well as the little one in you! Each book is infused with the Universal life force of Reiki Energy to support the love between the narrator and all those listening. The colors, shapes and words support the expansion of thoughts and consciousness associated with each chakra for all who are participating in the reading. Our intention is that you have fun, connect, and are inspired as you read aloud the positive affirmations to a little one.

Take My Hand: Twelve Stories of Dissolution and Healing by Sasha Porter, Daisy Camp presenter. Available on Amazon.


Through the challenges of divorce, child-rearing, and a search for personal justice, Sasha Porter's 'Take My Hand' arrives at solid ground and release. By turns witty and wrenching, her writing draws the reader toward a woman who insists on resolution, where the demands of tending to hearts and houses fuels clarity and spiritual growth. Porter's engaging storytelling relies on her attentive ear, her hungry eye, her open heart. The reader grows to trust Porter's voice and grows eager to grasp her outstretched hand.


The Good Divorce by Constance Ahrons. Past Daisy Camp Parenting Summit presenter. Available on Amazon.

It's never too late to have a good divorce

Based on two decades of groundbreaking research, The Good Divorce presents the surprising finding that in more than fifty percent of divorces couples end their marriages, yet preserve their families. Dr. Ahrons shows couples how they can move beyond the confusing, even terrifying early stages of breakup and learn to deal with the transition from a nuclear to a "binuclear" family--one that spans two households and continues to meet the needs of children.

The Good Divorce makes an important contribution to the ongoing "family values" debate by dispelling the myth that divorce inevitability leaves emotionally troubles children in its wake.

Take My Hand: Twelve Stories of Dissolution and Healing by Sasha Porter, Daisy Camp presenter. Available on Amazon.


Through the challenges of divorce, child-rearing, and a search for personal justice, Sasha Porter's 'Take My Hand' arrives at solid ground and release. By turns witty and wrenching, her writing draws the reader toward a woman who insists on resolution, where the demands of tending to hearts and houses fuels clarity and spiritual growth. Porter's engaging storytelling relies on her attentive ear, her hungry eye, her open heart. The reader grows to trust Porter's voice and grows eager to grasp her outstretched hand.


Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way by Gary Neuman.Available on Amazon.

Divorce is painful and confusing. Perhaps now more than ever, you want to give your child all the love, support, and guidance he or she needs, but everything seems harder and more complicated. Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way can help. Based on Gary Neuman's phenomenally successful Sandcastles program.  Dozens of special activities and fun exercises will help you communicate and get closer to your child.


Mom's House Dad's House Making Two Homes for Your Child by Isolina Ricci. Available on Amazon.

Internationally renowned therapist, family expert and mediator Isolina Ricci, Ph.D. presents this definitive and newly updated guide to divorce and making shared custody work for parents and children.

The ground-breaking classic, Mom’s House, Dad’s House, has become the standard for two generations of divorcing parents, and includes examples, self-tests, checklists, tools, and guidelines to help separated moms and dads with the legal, emotional, and financial issues they will encounter as they work to create happy and stable homes.

Divorced Girl Smiling by Jackie Pilossoph. Available on Amazon.


Smile! It’s not just the end of your marriage,   it’s the beginning of your second chance!   Missy Benson has a 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring valued $36k. But what the successful Chicago realtor doesn’t have anymore is a husband. Not sure what to do   with her ring, & with no financial issues to worry about, Missy decides to put it up for    sale on Craigslist. The price: 99 cents! The catch: She gets to pick the buyer. In essence, she’s looking for the perfect guy, but not for herself. Her hope is to regain faith that good men do exist & that marriages can last forever.

CoParenting 101:Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households After Divorce by Deesha Philyaw. Available on Amazon.


A successful co-parenting relationship is as vital to your child's well-being and health as nutritious food or proper exercise. Research, anecdotal evidence, and plain common sense all point to the fact that children are happier, healthier, and better adjusted when both of their parents play an active role in their lives.  Kids whose parents successfully co-parent feel more secure than those who have limited or no connection to one of their parents post divorce.

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown. Available on Amazon.


Researcher and thought leader Dr. Brené Brown offers a powerful new vision that encourages us to dare greatly: to embrace vulnerability and imperfection, to live wholeheartedly, and to courageously engage in our lives. Dr. Brown challenges everything we think we know about vulnerability. Based on twelve years of research, she argues that vulnerability is not weakness, but rather our clearest path to courage, engagement, and meaningful connection. 

Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser. Available on Amazon.


Lesser has been an intimate witness to the ways in which people weather change & transition. In a beautifully crafted blend of moving stories, humorous insights, practical guidance, & personal memoir, she offers tools to help us make the choice we face in times of challenge: Lesser shares tales of ordinary people who have risen from the ashes of illness, divorce, loss of a job or a loved one - stronger, wiser, & more in touch with their purpose and passion. She draws on the world's great spiritual & psychological traditions to support us as we too learn to break open & blossom into who we were meant to be.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way by Laura Wasser. Available on Amazon.


Laura Wasser addresses an entire generation who want, and need, to handle their breakups differently. It's no secret that the divorce rate in America is more than half the marriage rate. Yet the means for dissolving a relationship often seem hopelessly mired in an outdated perception of how it's supposed to be done. Wasser acknowledges that this generation's realities have evolved greatly since the previous generation's in almost every way, & that they want to get divorced cheaply and efficiently and maintain control of the process themselves, through what can be a devastating time, emotionally & financially.

And Then She Was Happy by Kristi Skordahl. Available on Amazon.


When accomplished divorce attorney Kristi Skordahl unexpectedly finds herself facing her own divorce, she feels lost. All of her legal knowledge and experience seem entirely irrelevant to the pain she is experiencing. She struggles through the process, making choices both good and bad. Yet, while life as she knows it crumbles around her, and at the least-expected time and place, she feels true happiness for the first time in many years. She finds that her own experience with divorce has transformed the way she practices law, blending  her own story of loss and self-recovery with practical, real-world advice on managing both the emotional and financial challenges of divorce.

Poetry of Divorce for Women: An Essentially Upbeat Collection of Poems for Women Going Through Separation and Divorce by Tracey West. Available on Amazon.


Through a sharp & comedic pen, they outline everything from the uphill struggles, to the absolute adventures faced by many women, as they attempt to carve a coherent route through the most emotionally and financially draining times.Tracey's divorce poetry will move you from laughter to tears with truths from several different women's personal experiences of divorce and offers an honest reflection of common journeys showing you're not alone. 

We're Still Family: What Grown Children Have to Say About Their Parents' Divorce by Constance Ahrons Past Daisy Camp Parenting Summit presenter. Available on Amazon.


Challenging the stereotype that children of divorce are emotionally troubled, drug abusing, academically challenged, and otherwise failing, Dr. Ahrons reveals that most children can and do adapt, and that many even thrive in the face of family change. Although divorce is never easy for any family, she shows that it does not have to destroy children's lives or lead to a family breakdown. With the insight of these grown children and the advice of this gifted family therapist, divorcing parents will find helpful road maps identifying both the benefits and the harms to postdivorce children.

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Judith Wallerstein. Available on Amazon.

In this compelling, thought-provoking book, Judith Wallerstein explains that, while children do learn to cope with divorce, it in fact takes its greatest toll in adulthood, when the sons and daughters of divorced parents embark on romantic relationships of their own. Wallerstein sensitively illustrates how children of divorce often feel that their relationships are doomed, seek to avoid conflict, and fear commitment. Failure in their loving relationships often seems to them preordained, even when things are going smoothly. Wallerstein checks in on the adults she first encountered as youngsters more than twenty-five years ago.


The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide by Fadi Baradihi and Nancy Kurn. Available on Amazon.


The IDFA Divorce Survival Guide offers answers to the most common divorce questions – from filing for divorce to property division to child custody to spousal support – as well as 19 useful checklists and worksheets to help to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. If your CDFA practice is relatively new, this book will also answer many of the questions you may have about the divorce process.

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. Available on Amazon.


Smart Women Finish Rich has shown women of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their financial future and finish rich. Whether you’re working with a few dollars a week or a significant inheritance, Bach’s nine-step program gives you tools for spending wisely, establishing security, and aligning money with your values. Plus, in this completely revised and updated edition, David Bach includes critical new long-term investment advice, information on teaching your kids about money, Internet resources, and new ways to attract greater wealth–personal and financial–into your life.

Taking the War Out of Our Words by Sharon Strand Ellison. Available on Amazon.


Whether we are dealing with a rude clerk, our child saying, "That's not fair," our spouse ignoring us, or an uncooperative co-worker, in our struggle to respond effectively, we often become defensive - sometimes without even realizing it. Despite good intentions, we can become manipulative and controlling, even with those we love most. In this groundbreaking book, Sharon Ellison takes us to the root of our communication problems. She shows us how defensiveness functions in our lives and can lead to hurtful power struggles, outlining the six basic patterns we use.

Stop Fighting Over the Kids by Mike Mastracci. Available on Amazon.


Learn to resolve problems divorcing couples often face, including disagreements over physical and legal custody, the primary residential schedule, child access and visitation, telephone contact, day care dilemmas, holidays and vacations, interacting with school officials, teachers, doctors and therapists as well as access to medical and educational records, sports involvement, participation in special events and extracurricular activities, financial woes and parent to parent communication difficulties. A uniquely informative, child focused, inspirational and lightly entertaining book.

Divorce Without Disaster by Janet P. Brumley. Available on Amazon.


The process of a collaborative divorce, which is a nonjudicial proceeding done outside the courtroom, is discussed in detail and contrasted with a hypothetical divorce between the same parties with the same facts but who have resorted to litigation. Through the experiences of people divorcing under collaborative law, their attorneys, therapists, certified divorce planners, and other experts, collaborative law is shown to be a method that saves money and preserves children's self-esteem, friends' loyalties, and the mental health of the divorcing couple.

Getting Past the Pain Between Us by Marshall Rosenberg. Available on Amazon.


In this important and insightful work, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, demonstrates the powerful healing potential of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process. You can transform emotional pain, depression, shame, and conflict into empowering connections. Rosenberg shares that behind all emotional pain are unmet needs. He provides simple steps to create the heartfelt presence necessary for healing to occur. Learn how to transform your relationships, find satisfying reconciliation, and move beyond pain to a place of clear, honest communication.

Joint Custody With a Jerk: Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex- A Hands-on, Practical Guide to Communicating with a Difficult Ex-Spouse by Julie Ross & Judy Corcoran. Available on Amazon.


It's a fact that parenting is hard enough in a family where two parents love and respect each other… After divorce, when the respect has diminished and the love has often turned to intense dislike, co-parenting can be nearly impossible, driving one or both parents to the brink of insanity. By outlining common problems and teaching tools to examine your own role in these sticky situations, this book conveys strategies for effective mediation that are easy to apply, sensible, timely and innovative.

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore by Kathy Stinson. Available on Amazon.


Divorce is never easy, not for parents and especially not for children. For the young girl of the story, splitting time between parents has its ups and downs. She likes the elevators and garbage chutes of mom's city apartment, but the horses near dad's country home are great, too. Not knowing where she'll be for holidays is hard. Even so, she is comforted knowing that each parent still provides the same love and caring --just not together anymore.

Rays of Hope in Times of Loss: Courage and Comfort for Grieving Hearts by Susan Zimmerman. Available on Amazon.


Rays of Hope in Times of Loss offers soothing guidance to help you discover the answer to many questions. It is filled with powerful therapeutic narrative, original poems, and photographs that reflect the different aspects of the emotional excursion through grief. In our fast-paced lifestyles of today, many people face loss with little guidance and insufficient time to genuinely recover. This book helps people receive beauty, wisdom, and meaningful answers about loss as they move through the maze of grief, without requiring long hours of study and heavy research.

Is 65 the New 25?...Reclaiming Your Life, becoming who you were meant to be by Donna M. Bennett. Available on Amazon.


There is a new generation of retirees. There is no longer a 'one size fits all' for this age group or the generation just ahead and just behind them. This book offers a thoughtful, intentional and proactive approach to exploring, planning, and choosing a life and legacy for one's later years that is individualized and unique to each person.

November Novel by Assia Greene by Shasha Crocket. Available on Amazon.


Assia wondered how to begin—the ending, that is—to November Novel. She knows these characters have started out steps ahead of her, just beyond her reach. Assia desperately attempts to navigate the explosion of dramatic events that she cannot seem to write her characters through. Fear nearly brings her writing to a stop when danger bodes for a character she does not want to lose. And who is this mysterious one appearing from the myst?

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